How to manage unsubscribers?

It's extremely simple: OxiMailing takes care of it for you:-)

Indeed, you only have to insert an unsubscribe link in the message.

This unsubscribe link will allow recipients to no longer receive messages from you. Remember that the presence of an operational unsubscribe link in an emailing is a legal obligation.


You can change the unsubscribe mode via the "Advanced" menu of the message:


Two types of unsubscribe links are available:

  • Automatic
  • Manual
We strongly advise you to opt for the automatic mode which allows OxiMailing to fully manage your unsubscribers.
If you choose the "manual" mode, you will have to add the unsubscribers to your blacklist by yourself. Use this mode only if you manage your unsubscribers outside OxiMailing.
Tip: you can customize the unsubscribe page that will be presented to your recipients (only in automatic mode). To do this, go to "Manage your account" (in the top menu) then click on the "Tracking and statistics" tab and click on "Customize the unsubscribe form". 
You can modify the texts displayed, the languages proposed and even display your own logo.
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