The "antispam" test

To start the anti-spam analysis, click on "Verifications" then "Anti-spam analysis"

What is the purpose of the test?

Your message will pass through the most widely used spam filter in the world to check its content and whether or not it will be blocked by this antispam when you send it.
Once the analysis is complete, the software will tell you the "Spam Score" of your message and the probability that it will be blocked by a spam filter. 

The big advantage of our solution is that we not only give you a score but also the reasons for it!


The analysis tells me that my email has a high probability of being classified as "spam", what should I do?

First of all, you should consult the detailed results.

A summary of the reasons for spam ranking appears with the score of each problem. The higher the score, the more the issue in question is at the origin of the spam ranking.

Click on a problem to get the details in the right area.

Try to deal with each problem indicated (if you do not understand a specific problem do not hesitate to consult the technical support!).

The more problems you solve, the lower your score will be and the less likely your message will be classified as spam.


I can't get below 5 points, my message is still classified as spam, what should I do?

It depends on your message and the problems reported by the Antispam analysis. The most drastic solution is to completely change your message. Also remember that the subject is very important in the spam ranking.


About Anti-Spam Analysis

The antispam test is performed using one of the most widely used antispams in the world.
This test gives you an indication of the probability of your message being classified as spam. This is only an indication.
There is no indication that a message considered legitimate by OxiMailing will not be classified as spam by an email provider and vice versa.
The reason for these differences you might notice is simple: on the one hand there are hundreds of different antispam systems, on the other hand, even for the antispam used for analysis, the configuration is customizable. In other words, an email provider can add specific rules to its system that we are not aware of.

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