Why is it advisable to remove generic domain email addresses from your files when prospecting for professionals?

It should be noted that any subscriber at Hotmail, Aol or Yahoo has a "report spam" button on his webmail. It is therefore very tempting for some professionals to click on this button, even when they receive a legitimate advertising email, i.e. one related to their activity and with an unsubscribe link. With a single click, their business address becomes a "private" address, which gives them the right to report as spam an email that is perfectly in line with the B To B emailing rules.

In conclusion, to avoid abusive spam complaints, we strongly recommend, only on pure B To B prospecting, to remove from your opt-out address files all Hotmail, Msn, Live, Aol, Yahoo, and other generic domains on which you can create addresses for free.

By doing so, you eliminate just under 5% of the addresses in your B To B file, and at the same time you get rid of more than 95% of the problems!

A simple and quick way to implement this recommendation is to add the following areas to your blacklist:


Of course, depending on the target countries, it may be necessary to neutralize other domains: for example *@live.be for Belgium, *@hotmail.co.uk and *@yahoo.co.uk for the United Kingdom, etc....

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