I have received a "spam" from one of your users, what should I do?

Oxemis is strongly opposed to the practice of "spam" which discredits our branch of activity.

We have been engaged in many actions for years to eliminate the users who practice this activity and we have taken a further step in this direction by launching, in 2007, the " Responsible E-mailing " program.

Despite all our vigilance and control, you have received an unwanted e-mail? Wondering what to do? It's very simple, follow the guide. We are committed to answering you as soon as possible and to do the necessary work with our client.

A - First of all, make sure that it is a spam:

If your address is a private address, make sure you have not registered, even long ago on the sender's site and/or have not agreed to receive messages from partners on a site where you have registered. Please note, if a person sends you an e-mail as a partner of a site where you have registered, they must specify it to you (you receive this e-mail because...).

If your address is a business address that you provide, the rule that applies is the opt-out rule. In other words, our customer has the right to send you an e-mail on condition that he offers you an efficient way to unsubscribe (achievable in 1 or 2 clicks).

B - Check for the presence or absence of an unsubscribe link

In any case: in the case of a commercial prospection, the sender is legally obliged to offer you a way to unsubscribe. Our platform is able to detect e-mails without unsubscribe links in most cases, but it is possible that some e-mails may pass through filtering. In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If an unsubscribe link is present in the message, click on it, this will allow you to be added to this customer's blacklist.

C - You think your address has been collected by a robot because you have never published it?

The aspiration of e-mail addresses is an illegal practice in France. If you think your address has been collected by a robot, please contact us on abuse-oximailing [a] oxemis.com.


Do you have any doubts and would like an analysis from us? Feel free to contact us at abuse-oximailing [a] oxemis.com !


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