My recipients are protected by MailInBlack, what do they have to do to receive my emails sent with OxiMailing?

The short answer: nothing! The e-mail sent will be displayed in their dashboard and they can retrieve it whenever they want.

However, if you want to explain to a recipient how to "whitelist" (never block) your e-mails from OxiMailing, here is the procedure to follow (based on Mailinblack documentation).


How Mailinblack works

There are several sending addresses written in an e-mail, a little like a paper mail.

We often find there:

  1. The sender's address on the envelope. With OxiMailing, this address is a variable technical address allowing us to manage technical rejects for you (non-existent address, full box,...).
  2. The sender's address entered in the message. With OxiMailing, it is your email address and it is the one the recipient sees when they open your message.  

The filters operated by Mailinblack are based on the address written on the envelope of the e-mail.

Mailinblack recommends to find a fixed part in this address to authorize your communications.


How to retrieve a fixed identifier for recipients protected by Mailinblack?

For OxiMailing, the fixed part of the address written on the envelope of the e-mail is an identifier specific to your account.

You can retrieve it in OxiMailing:

  1. Go to "Assistance" > " Connection tests ".
  2. Click on the "Start tests..." button
  3. Line n°018 contains your OxiMailing technical identifier, for example "018 - L : ID_OXIMAILING"

Your ID is the string of characters that is in place of "ID_OXIMAILING".

Tell your recipients to add your technical ID to the Mailinblack white list so that they can receive your next e-mailing automatically.

 This article is based on Mailinblack's documentation, consult this page for more information.

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