What is authentication in OxiMailing?

What is authentication?
The authentication process is designed to allow OxiMailing to send messages by assuring your recipients that they have been sent by you. The message, signed and authenticated, will certify to your recipients and their operators that you have sent the message, increasing your deliverability.


What are the advantages of authentication?

When a domain is authenticated, you benefit from the following advantages:

Better deliverability

Optimized display on some platforms (deletion of the "via" on Gmail for example)

An authenticated message optimizes the efficacy of your campaigns.


Can I send via OxiMailing without setting up authentication?

Of course!
However, we advise you to try to set up authentication if you have the possibility to do so in order to maximize the results of your campaigns.


How to do this operation?

Before you start, you should know that implementing authentication requires some IT knowledge. This operation is not complicated but it is usually performed by your IT department and/or your webmaster.

This operation is done once and for all. It is perfectly compatible with sending via servers other than OxiMailing's.

If you do not have access to your website you also have the possibility to register a domain via OxiMailing directly.

To start the authentication process:

  • Open OxiMailing
  • Go to "Manage your account" / "Domains" tab (1)
  • Select the domain you will use (or add it if it is not present) (2)
  • Click on the "Authentication" button (3)



The process is then started.

  • To obtain the installation guide for authentication on your domain, click on "Get the set up guide". 
  • The status of the different authentication steps (SPF, DKIM and Tracking) is displayed via shields (a red symbol indicates that the step is not yet valid, a green symbol indicates that authentication is active).


How do I check that my domain is correctly authenticated?

There are several ways to do this:

  • Via "Manage your account": the authenticated domains appear with a special icon (green shield):

  • You can also run an anti-spam test that will alert you if there are any authentication problems (if no mention is made, everything is ok).

I need help with this function, can you help me?

Of course! Technical support is at your disposal if you have any questions.


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