What is the customization of tracking on your domain?

1. How does tracking work?

Tracking is the tool that allows you to track the openings and links of your message. You can easily find out which recipient opened your message and which links they clicked.

When you send your message with tracking, the links in your message are automatically transformed by OxiMailing to allow you to record clicks and openings.

So, a link in your email like this one:


Is transformed when sent to:


This allows us, when a user clicks on one of your links, to record the click on the tracking server and then redirect the user instantly to your website.


2. How can this process be improved?

The default configuration can cause a few problems:

  • An antispam analyzes the reputation of the links in your message. It is ideal that the reputation of your email is not linked to the reputation of the shared domain www.trackingserver.com.
  • When your customers hover over the links in your email, they see the address www.trackingserver.com and not the address of your website www.mysite.com, which may make them doubt the origin of the message.


3. What is the customization of tracking links?

Customizing tracking URLs allows you, by creating a subdomain stats.mysite.com, to keep the tracking functions and let the links of your message point to your mysite.com site.

The link in your message will be, at the time of sending:


This way, there will no longer be any mention of the server www.trackingserver.com. in your message.


4. How to customize your tracking links?

The customization of tracking links is integrated into the domain authentication process.
To obtain the configuration guide, see this article: How do I get the configuration guide for my domain to authenticate it with OxiMailing?


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