When I want to import my Gmail contacts or a Google Sheets file, Google warns me that the application is not validated, why?

This message may appear when you try to import your Gmail contacts or a Google Sheets file:



Why is this message displayed?


This message is displayed by Google to ensure that you are familiar with the risks of the operations you perform.

Giving access to your personal data to an application is not a decision to be taken lightly, so Google ensures that maximum security is associated with this operation.


OxiMailing is "not validated", why?


Quite simply... because it cannot be!

A web application can be validated by Google, software, no.

A web application acts as an interface between Google and you. A web application therefore has access to your data and Google must ensure that it is a "trusted third party".

In OxiMailing, it's different. OxiMailing is installed on your computer, you connect directly to Google APIs and, even if we have written the computer code to do so, we NEVER have access to your data. Your computer connects to Google and downloads the data into your campaign locally, without ever using our services.

This method is therefore perfectly secure... even if it is not auditable by Google!


Can you remove this warning?


As mentioned above, Google cannot validate the OxiMailing application because OxiMailing is not a web application.

The easy solution would have been to develop a bridge between you and Google through our services... but we firmly refuse to do so because it would imply that, at some point, your data would transit through the platform. We are committed to ensuring complete confidentiality of your data and therefore prefer not to do so.

We have contacted Google's services, unfortunately their policy is inflexible and they are asking us to build the famous bridge between you and their services.

So we have no solution to hide this warning.


What are the impacts on me and my data?


None. As explained, this message, even if it can be scary (that's the goal), is only displayed in our case because OxiMailing is not a web application. We NEVER have access to your data, so it is only shared between you and Google.

However, be careful not to take this analysis as universal. It is only valid for OxiMailing because it is a software, we are a French company that has existed for many years and we are firmly committed to the protection of our customers' data.

If this warning appears elsewhere (especially if it is on a website), be careful and find out the identity of the company that wrote the connector!


I'm still a little scared and I want to proceed differently, how can I do that?


If you do not want to use the direct connectors developed by our services, that is perfectly your right!

Simply export your data from Google services (export your contacts in CSV format or save your Google Sheet in Excel format for example) to import them into OxiMailing as a file.


Feel free to contact our support teams if you need help or have any questions about it!



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