The typo trap

What is it?

It is the latest type of spamtraps, which appeared in 2012. It aims to force senders to use double opt-in.

Often, email addresses contain classic errors, due to typing or transcription errors. Who doesn't have an address in,, or in their files? Hence the idea that some organizations have had to reserve domains whose spelling is very close to the most well-known domains, and to use them as trap domains.

As debatable as it is, the concept of typo trap exists, so you have to live with it, and take into account the fact that even if your 10,000 address file contains only one typing error, it can make you a potential spammer!

How to protect yourself against it?

There is only one solution: the double opt-in!


Other types of spamtraps

The primitive spamtrap
The recycled spamtrap


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