Warning on aspiration / email capture software

A lot of email address capture software can be found on the web. To avoid any unhealthy advertising, we will not mention the names of these products, nor the companies that market them in total disrespect of the law.

For those who ignore the legislation, these softwares are at first sight very attractive since they allow easily, quickly and at a lower cost to create email address files by simply extracting the addresses from the websites.

We draw your attention to the fact that this practice is totally illegal in France as well as in many other countries, and can be very heavily sanctioned!

Beyond the purely legal aspects, the use of captured addresses in email campaigns also generates serious technical problems. Indeed, it should be known that an emailing campaign sent with a file captured by a software / robot considerably damages the reputation of the sender and the sending server, for at least 3 reasons:

  • the catastrophic number of spam complaints that such mailings generate,
  • the extremely high rate of bounces (obsolete addresses),
  • the inevitable presence of spamtraps


Let's be clear!

In addition to criminal sanctions, any use with OxiMailing of an address file built by a robot constitutes a violation of the OxiMailing license agreement.

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