I switch computers and want to install OxiMailing on my new machine. What is the procedure?

This step is very simple:

  • On the new machine: Download and install the latest version of OxiMailing
  • Once installed enter your license key (How do I find my OxiMailing license key?)
  • If you are not using the OxiMailing Cloud, simply copy the campaign files to your new machine (they are saved by default in "My Documents / OxiMailing / Campaigns")
  • Your black lists, NPAIs, campaigns results etc. will be automatically repatriated thanks to your license


Finally, if you no longer plan to use OxiMailing on your old machine:

  • On the previous machine, go to "Manage your account" then click on "Go back to evaluation" (to release the key).
  • You can then uninstall OxiMailing.

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