Is it possible to unblacklist an email address?

Yes, of course !

To do this, go to the "Account" menu (in the top bar) then "Blacklist".

Select the address from the list and then delete it ( "delete" key or right-click and choose the delete option).


Tip: You can search for an address by right-clicking in the list and then "Search" (or click on the pencil symbol button in the toolbar).


Caution: Always keep a record of the user's re-subscription request, it must be explicit, written (email...) and dated.


Spam complaints:

However, in the event that the blacklisting is the result of a spam complaint, the removal of the address from the blacklist will have no effect. 

Whether the reporting of spam is voluntary or accidental, the double insertion of the complainant's address on the black list and the red list (not modifiable) prevents any risk of a recurrence of the complaint against the sender. Allowing emails to be sent again to someone who has made a spam complaint in the past may remind our email service provider partners (Hotmail, Yaho, AOL...) that notifications of complaints received via their feedback loop are not processed according to our commitments. 

It is - among other things - the strict management of received spam complaints that allows us to offer you an optimal level of deliverability.

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