How do I insert an "event" in my e-mailing campaign?

OxiMailing allows you to add in a few moments an appointment that your recipients will receive with your message and that they can add to their calendars.

A double interest:

  • Stand out from the competitors (the message received is displayed differently on some email readers).
  • Allow your recipient to remember the appointment for the event on which you are communicating.

Adding an event is very easy:

  1. In the "Message" section click on the "Event" button.
  2. Add the appointment by clicking on the "+" at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Fill in the information about the appointment (date, time, place, etc., not all are required).
  4. Validate, it's over!

To see how easy and efficient the "event" is (on Gmail in our example), see the video below (in french, sorry):

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