Can I use an HTML page generated by Word or Publisher as a message?

We strongly discourage it!
Even if visually everything seems correct to you when you design the message, there is a good chance that your recipients will encounter problems when reading your e-mail. Indeed, if there is no doubt that Word is an excellent word processing software, it is much less good when it comes to generating HTML. In fact, Word and Publisher have the unfortunate habit of introducing non-standard tags everywhere that can only be interpreted by themselves!

As a result, the formatting of your message may be completely disorganized when it arrives, making it more difficult or even impossible to read in some cases.

To design your HTML messages, prefer real HTML editors, such as DreamWeaver, or better use OxiMailing's internal HTML editor: it has the triple advantage of being simple, efficient and free! In short, totally adapted for e-mailing!


Be careful to copy / paste!

Just as it is strongly discouraged to import an HTML file generated by Word or Publisher, it is not recommended to copy/paste from these programs into your e-mailing. This will have the same result as described above. Good to know also: Outlook uses Word... so copying / pasting it from Outlook will cause the same problems!

Generally speaking, rather than simply copying and pasting, use the "Paste as text" function (accessible by right-clicking).

This will allow you to keep the text but without the formatting that is often problematic. Simply re-create it with the OxiMailing editor to ensure compatibility with the majority of email readers.

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