How do I send a file to the recipients of my message without attaching it?

The disadvantage of adding a file as an attachment is that it makes the message heavier, makes the sending longer and increases the risk of your message being classified as spam.

To avoid this kind of problem, you should host the file on your website and put a link to this file in your message.


Too complex for you? Can't upload a file to your website? Then follow the guide below! You will discover a trick to use OxiMailing storage space to store your attachments:


1 - Add a bouton or a text in your message and add a link on it :

2 - Select "File in the cloud" (in the left part of the screen) and then, click on "Choose file..."

3 - If your document is not already on your OxiMailing's Cloud, just click "Add..." and select it from your computer. The file will be uploaded in a few seconds.

4 - After that, just select your document in the list and then click "OK" and close the "Cloud OxiMailing" and "Link properties" windows.


That's all ! Your document is now online and your recipient will only have to click on the button to view it !


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