How can I prevent my recipients from reporting my message as spam?

You use a 100% opt-in file, you systematically insert an unsubscribe link, you process all unsubscribe requests carefully and yet your mailings generate spam complaints?

How is this possible?

Here are some explanations and measures to be taken to reduce the complaints rate:

1- Remind your recipients why they are receiving your message

This first advice is crucial but unfortunately too often ignored.
However, it should be noted that the main reason why some subscribers click on the Spam button is that they cannot make the connection between their registration in a contest or on a partner site and the newsletter that comes from you. This is why it is necessary to provide them a minimum of explanations by using an opening statement built with merge fields, like:

"You receive this message following the registration of your address [E-Mail] on [RegistrationDate] on the partner site [Site], during which you have ticked the box authorizing our partner to transmit your email address for the purpose of commercial prospecting in connection with sport."

Or: "You receive this message following your registration on [DateRegistrationDate] for the contest [Game] organized by the company [GameOrganizer], during which you have given your consent to receive advertising by email about decoration."


This sentence is also essential for people who have subscribed to your newsletter on your own website, if only to "refresh their memory":

"You receive this message after registering your address [E-Mail] on [DateRegistrationDate] on our website [website]".

In addition, an email box can be shared between several people in the same household, in which case not everyone is necessarily aware of a registration.


2- Implement the principle of double opt-in on your registration form

This consists in validating the registration via a clickable link in an email sent to the customer. In this way, you prevent people from registering others without their knowledge!

What is double opt-in?


3- Before sending, check the correct working of your unsubscribe link

If it is inoperative, the use of the "This is spam" button is often used.
Also make sure that the unsubscribe link is clearly visible: avoid including it in a very small size or in light grey on white, or inserting it 15 kilometres after the end of your message!


4- Take care of each unsubscribe request.

OxiMailing manages unsubscriptions for you. However, you can also opt for manual management. In this case, make sure you handle unsubscriptions quickly and efficiently. If your recipient continues to receive your emails when they have previously unsubscribed, they are likely to use spam reporting, and for the moment it will be legitimate!


5- Target your recipients

If your mailings are very diversified in terms of products, services, activities... always remember to filter your recipients according to the interests they expressed at the time of registration. For example, if you sell sports equipment, and someone has registered on your site by checking the "Tennis" box in the list of interests, respect their choice and do not send them a promotion on items in the "Football" section. There is nothing more damaging than losing a subscriber due to a filtering error or omission!


6- Never change the frequency of your sendings.

If your recipients are used to receive a newsletter every 15 days and suddenly they receive 3 newsletters in 5 days, they will feel attacked and the most virulent among them will "take revenge" by reporting your email as spam.


7- Never start the subject of your email with Re:

It is absolutely necessary to forget the so-called "Marketing Method" consisting in starting the subject of the email with "Re:", "Tr:" or "Fwd:", to make the recipient believe that you are not the initiator of the email exchange. In the same spirit, never put subjects of the type "Following your request for a quote" (unless of course the recipient has actually requested a quote). Indeed, it happens very often that such methods give the recipient the feeling of being considered as an idiot, and the reaction very often results in a report of spam!


8- Delete the addresses of B To B prospects associated with generic domains

An article is dedicated to this issue: Why is it advisable to remove generic domain email addresses from your files when prospecting for professionals?


These few tips are sufficient to divide the spam complaint rate by at least 2. However, there will always be people who will click on the Spam button no matter what you do. It is true that some unethical senders use the unsubscribe link more to validate the existence of an email address than to actually unsubscribe.... In any case, we take this into account, as do the operators who receive your emails. The important thing is to stay in the lowest possible complaint rates!

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