Customize the message

What is that ?

You imported a recipient file in the first step of using the software.
This file contains the e-mail address of each of your customers/prospects and may also contain other information such as the person's first and last name.

The principle of personalization consists in using the fact that OxiMailing sends an e-mail to each of your recipients to personalize the message sent to them.

Thanks to the customization you will be able, for example, to send emails with the subject : "Attention [First name] [Last name]" !


How does it work?

All the areas of the message are customizable (subject, message etc....).
Near each customizable area you will find a "Merge field" button (or simply a button as follows:  ).

These buttons bring up the customization wizard or a menu to add one of the fields from your file or a customization function directly to your message.




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