What is the OxiMailing Cloud and how to use it?

What is it?

With OxiMailing you have a storage space on the Internet to host the files used in your campaigns (images, attachments, mirror pages...). This storage space does not require any technical configuration on your side, you can manage it as you wish (add / delete files for example).

To find out how much space you have, access the storage space management window as shown below.


How do I access my storage space?

  • Click on the "Manage my account" button (at the top of the main window) 
  • Click on the "Cloud" tab


How to use it?

Most of the time, OxiMailing will automatically use your storage space when necessary and if you have not set up your own FTP. For example, when you request the creation of the mirror page (see How to create a mirror page).

Multiple uses of this storage space are possible, see in particular this very interesting article:  How do I send a file to the recipients of my message without attaching it? 

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