FTP accounts

You can access the list of ftp accounts via the "Settings" menu, "Cloud / FTP accounts".



FTP accounts are storage spaces on the Internet. They allow you, for example, to store the images used by your e-mailings (to avoid "transporting" them in your e-mails). You have an FTP account if you have a website to which you have modification access (ask your administrator for FTP settings).

With OxiMailing you also have completely free storage space. This storage space does not require any technical configuration on your side, you can manage it as you wish (add / delete files for example). To find out more, consult this page: What is the OxiMailing Cloud and how to use it?


The list of FTP accounts

This list allows you to manage your different FTP accounts so that you can use them in the different wizards that use FTP functions. You can access it via the "Settings" menu and then "Cloud / FTP Accounts".

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