What is the "inbox test"?

The "inbox test" is one of the many new features of OxiMailing version 7.

It is accessible to customers who have subscribed to a "Premium" offer (on dedicated IP) only. 

In addition to anti-spam analysis, which gives you tips on how to improve your message, and e-mail preview, which displays a rendering of your message on major mailboxes and mobiles, the "inbox test" checks whether your message will arrive in the inbox or as spam on certain mailboxes, including Microsoft Outlook*.


Inbox Test OxiMailing


We also test your message on many anti-spam solutions* (Cloudmark, Spam Assassin etc.).

This will allow you to make the necessary improvements to your message to ensure that it arrives in the inbox of all your recipients while forgetting the time-consuming handwritten tests!


* : The list of tested mail and antispam products is subject to change over time.


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