What is the validation of senders in OxiMailing?

Since version 7, we ask our users to validate their sender addresses for their campaigns sent via OxiMailing.

This very simple procedure, which only takes a few seconds, consists of automatically sending a link to the address used as sender. Then simply click on the link to add the address to your list of approved senders.

You can add as many senders as you wish. You should also know that once an address has been validated, it is definitively validated (no need to repeat the procedure each time).

Another advantage, once the address has been validated, you no longer need to enter it, just select it from the list of senders.

This way you avoid input errors at the same time!


Why this validation of senders?

We have been fighting for years to persuade our users not to use "no reply" addresses as senders. This practice aims to use an address that does not exist or cannot receive a reply to send emailing campaigns. This is a very strongly discouraged practice and contrary to good e-mailing practices. 

Communication must work in both directions: you send messages, you must be able to receive them. Very few of your recipients will reply to your message in general, but, if they want to, they should be able to do so.

Sender address validation ensures that our users do not use "no reply" addresses (the address must work to receive the validation link). And as we have seen above, it also avoids input errors!


What if I do not receive the validation email / if I do not have access to the mailbox in question at the moment?

Whatever the problem, our technical support is at your disposal to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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