With OxiMailing, how many emails can I send per minute?

This is a question that is very often asked but to which it is impossible to answer.
There are so many parameters to consider:
- The size of your message (2KB or 2MB, this can vary the speed by a factor of 1000!)
- Your internet connection (low speed ? ADSL 1 MB ? 20 MB ? Fibre ?)
- The quality of your company network,
 - ...

Oxemis has a number of sending servers at your service. With each sending you make, a fairly complex load balancing algorithm allows us to choose for you the most appropriate server for your sending. The goal is to send your messages as quickly as possible, without saturating the servers.

Also note that we install new SMTP servers very regularly, in order to be able to support the arrival of new customers.

yYu can get rid of these speed questions by opting for a dedicated IP offer (see our Premium offers). Indeed, as its name indicates, a dedicated IP is reserved for you alone, so you are not dependent on other people's mailings, since all the server capacity is allocated to you.

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