Some of my recipients have confirmed that they opened my email. However, in terms of tracking, they do not appear to be openers. Why?

Basically, we can define an opener as a recipient who has opened your mail.
In the reality of tracking, and due to technical constraints, it is slightly more subtle than that.


Explanations: you should know that it is the downloading of images from your email that will trigger the recording of an opening. This is the only possible solution, used by all tracking systems available on the market. To do this, just before sending, OxiMailing adds at the bottom of the message a transparent image of a pixel high on a pixel wide (so totally invisible). This image is hosted on one of our servers.


With some webmails, web images are downloaded automatically, as soon as you consult an email, resulting in a natural recording of the opening.

But for security reasons, some messaging tools (such as Microsoft Outlook) and Webmail (Hotmail, Yahoo...) are configured to prevent automatic image downloading, and user intervention is required for this download to be performed.

This is why it is important to include at least one image hosted on the web in your message, so that the recipient is encouraged to download the images.


Understand this well: if you only insert local images ( which are present on your PC and are therefore "embedded" in the email), the recipient who reads his emails with Outlook will not feel the need to download the images, since the email is already perfectly readable in its current state. And in this case, the small invisible image (which is hosted on the web) will not be loaded... and the opening will not be recorded !


All this to say that depending on the way the message is designed, the opening rate reported in the tracking report may be underestimated in relation to reality.


Conclusion: this is another good reason to prefer web images to local images!

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