OxiMailing / Google Analytics / Matomo integration...

Google Analytics is a particularly sophisticated tracking and statistics solution that allows you to track visitors to your site and the actions they perform in near real time. This tool is provided free of charge by Google.

To know more about it: https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/.

Matamo is the Open Source equivalent of Google Analytics. As complete and efficient as it is, it can be hosted directly on your site to guarantee the complete confidentiality of the data and avoid sharing it with third parties.

To know more about it: https://matomo.org/


If you have installed Google Analytics or Matamo on your site, you can set up OxiMailing so that visitors from your email campaigns are easily identifiable in your reports.

For that it is very simple: 

  • Click in "Message" on the left then on the star wheel select "Traffic analysis":


  • Fill in the requested information (leave the default settings if you don't know what to specify):

Once the sending is done, you will see on your Analytics report the visitors coming from your e-mailing campaigns. You will be able to filter on them to precisely follow the actions of the recipients of your e-mailing on your site.


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